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Hydrating Shampoo – 250ml

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Free shipment worldwide from a minimum order of CHF/EUR 150.

Based on a combination of our signature Swiss plant extract, forest honey, silk proteins & a unique calming & moisturizing complex, this hydrating shampoo is crafted to revitalize dry & damaged hair. Create yourself a marvelous moment of care. Enjoy the beauty of soft & satin-like hair, surrounded by a sublime, natural fragrance.

Key Ingredients

Glacier Water, Organic Swiss Plant extract (Edelweiss, Linum, Imperatorium), Swiss Forest Honey, Silk Proteins, Swiss Chamomile Extract, Swiss Organic Oat Extract

INCI Ingredient list
Aqua/Water/Eau, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Coco-Glucoside, Glycerin, Acrylates Copolymer, Parfum/Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Panthenol, Phenoxyethanol, Glyceryl Oleate, Diglycerin, Honey, Ethylhexylglycerin, Silk Amino Acids, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Leontopodium Alpinum Flower/Leaf Extract, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Peucedanum Ostruthium Leaf Extract, Linum Alpinum Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopherol, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides Citrate, Lecithin, Ascorbyl Palmitate

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How to Use

Wet your scalp & hair with sufficient lukewarm water. Dose a coin-size amount of our TOI HYDRATING SHAMPOO and massage it carefully into your scalp.
Your scalp – which produces oil and constantly sheds skin cells – is the area that really needs cleansing. When you shampoo, keep your efforts focused on your scalp and hair roots. Let the natural ingredients of TOI – such as Glacier Water and Organic plants from the Swiss alps – work their purifying and regenerating power!
Repeat the washing & cleansing step, as per your liking.
Most importantly, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water to avoid any build-up of product in your hair, then gently squeeze out excess water before softly drying off using as example an old cotton T-shirt, which is more tender than a regular towel.

4.80 (5 Reviews)


Location: Switzerland
Age: 38
Hair Type: Straight

Love the elegant scent of the shampoo. (It's not as harsh as the usual artificial smell in the normal shampoos.) Well done! It's the second bottle now I'm using. I always shampoo twice as it really starts incredibly foaming (looove it) the second time. <3 <3 I agree that the pump can be annoying, but I had a replacement pump in the second box. :)

Location: Dubai
Age: 33
Hair Type: Waivy, Frizzy, Thick, Colored

the shampoo was very moisturizing and I could already feel the difference after washing my hair a few times. the scent of this line is also very nice. its definitely a shampoo to use when your hair is in need of pampering. the pump mechanism wasn't very convenient for me though, as I have very thick hair and need to use a larger quantity of shampoo than usual, so it took forever to pump it.

Location: Bern, CH
Age: 25
Hair Type: Straight

The hydrating shampoo from TOI offers a luxe and pleasant experience in the shower. It makes my hair extremly soft, feather-light and shiny. The fragrance is delicate and very natural.

Hair Type: Straight, Fine, Thick, Colored

Love the fact that this is a sustainable product. This shampoo does what it promises and is totally worth every cent!

Hair Type:

I liked the natural sense of the shampoo. Using it makes me feel more responsible, distanced from mass producers cutting costs along the supply chain at the cost of future, costs of all of us.
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