Engaged for a better Planet

Inspired by Nature’s wealth & Millenary wisdom

A Swiss alpine beauty experience – At TOI we refine nature’s wealth & millenary wisdom, developed & closely guarded over thousands of years & generations of people. With modern science we craft extraordinary products for regenerative scalp health & to ensure long-lasting individual hair beauty.

Engaged for a better Planet

Personal & Purposeful - Consumers are increasingly intrigued & loyal to product & service experiences that fulfil their expectations towards purposefulness. To remain a relevant market player on the long-run, TOI acts responsibly & our business strategy does genuinely embrace environmental & social factors of local and global concern.


The Founders

Beat Stettler

{ Innovation; Authenticity; Quality }

It is my sincere belief, that we need to conduct business in a much more comprehensive manner. Making our ecosystem and therefore natural- and social capital aspects an intrinsic part of every successful business strategy.

As an innovative and creative Quality & Sustainability professional, I have spent the last 20 years securing high-quality product experiences and consumer satisfaction in different roles and companies in the FMCG industry across the globe. Transparency and reliability are key values to me, privately and as partner in the business environment.

Mike Aziri

{ Beauty & Wellbeing; Fashion; Diversity }

Fascinated by the grace of life, fashion and a contemporary lifestyle, I decided to dedicate my professional career helping maximize the beauty and wellbeing of people surrounding me.

After more than 10 exciting years in the haircare industry – working in different renowned salons across Europe and passing academies in Paris and Milano – I am an independent beauty entrepreneur for 6 years now. Integrity and respect for diversity, combined with the love for my family are essential values for me to live my passion every day.