Inspired by nature's wealth and millenary wisdom

TOI products are by design free from Silicones, Parabens, Lauryl & Laureth Sulfates & we do not use any colorants.

Savoir Faire

We formulate and craft our products in close collaboration between our hair and skin beauty care professionals and the experts in the world-class production facility in Switzerland. This is how we consistently deliver products with: Superior functionality; Sublime scents; Outstanding touch & feel.


Only the finest ingredients find their way into TOI Soins Naturels product creations. We focus on responsibly sourcing our key raw materials and ensure the highest quality and safety standards from the very first steps of product development. Allowing you to daily pamper your body and soul with extraordinary care.

No compromises

We run our manufacturing processes with exceptional care by all individuals involved. All steps from harvesting some of the most precious Swiss alpine plants to the packaging and distribution of the final product are closely controlled. Independent quality and service certifications confirm our commitment for continual excellence and our proud ‘100% Swiss made’ claim.