Born in the hair salon, engaged for a better Planet

At TOI you meet specialists for Hair Beauty Care as well as experts for Sustainability

Our expertise
at your service

At TOI we refine nature’s wealth & millenary wisdom, developed & closely guarded over thousands of years & generations of people. With modern science and technology we craft extraordinary products for regenerative scalp health & to ensure long-lasting individual hair beauty.

After more than 15 exciting years experience in the haircare industry – working in different renowned salons across Europe and passing academies in Paris and Milano – our team takes care that this knowledge around your hair beauty needs is attended to in all product development and application processes.

Trustability as
our core value

TOI, a brand truly born in the hair salon, with highest ambitions when it comes to engaging for a better Planet.

Switzerland is our amazing home and authenticity to well-acknowledged Swiss values such as reliability, trustworthiness and last but not least, excellence in quality, is paramount to how we understand all our daily contributions. Our efforts go into creating a positive impact, may it be with cleaner & more natural product formulations, the enhancement of biodiversity and last but not least with more sustainable packaging.