Wonderful summer hair

TOI Wonderful summer hair

Treat your hair for flawless, long-standing beauty, even in the summer months!

More and more often we are asked how scalp and hair should best be protected and cared for in summer. And there is a very special reason for this: Rarely are scalp and hair stressed as much as in summer by the intensive ultra-violet radiation of the sun and the heat associated with it. In addition, salt or chlorine water makes hair look strawy and dull.

But even against harsh chlorine and salt water an extra portion of TOI care helps!

Today we reveal our 6 tips for wonderful TOI summer hair:

  1. Never forget sun protection – Protect your scalp and hair with a sun hat, a fashionable baseball cap or bandana to prevent sunburn, drying of skin and hair, but also color loss. In addition, you can round off your summer look perfectly with your own personal touch.
  2. Light styling preferred – For these few weeks, go without elaborate styling. Summertime is holiday time, also for your hair! Tie wet hair loosely together to prevent hair breakage and discover playful braided hairstyles to protect yourself from wind and sand on the beach.
  3. The extra care in the morning – Our TOI insider tip: For long-lasting care, apply a few drops of hair serum, for example the TOI LUSTERIZING HAIR BEAUTY SERUM in the morning to your hair lengths before washing. Let it work for a few minutes, rinse it out and then wash your hair as usual. This will leave your scalp and hair thoroughly clean and fit for wonderful summer days.
  1. Gentle daily washing – Wash your hair regularly in the evening while on holiday, after your beach or pool visit. Wet your scalp and hair with sufficient lukewarm water. Dose a coin-sized amount of our TOI HYDRATING SHAMPOO and massage it gently into your scalp.

    Also use a conditioner or hair mask twice a week, depending on the condition of your hair.

    Enjoy this moment of regeneration, cleansing and care and don’t forget to rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all kinds of residues – such as sand or salt crystals. Let your hair dry in the air whenever possible.
  2. Beauty Boost – If you have not used the serum in the morning, you can alternatively apply it at any time as a finish. Put a few drops into your hands and apply it to the hair lengths.
  3. Drink regularly – preferably still water or unsweetened tea. Your scalp is the extension of your facial skin and every hair consists of up to 20% water. Sun and heat cause water to evaporate and constantly dry out your scalp and hair. Frequent drinking helps to regulate this fluid balance and you will feel all around well and naturally beautiful.

Enjoy yourself and your summer with wonderful TOI summer hair!

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