Meet Fjolla

Fjolla Dreshaj

Fjolla Dreshaj, Mother of Haris and Ryan, pregnant with her 3rd baby boy.

Fjolla is working in Private Banking and we had the chance to meet her in the beautiful Alimentarium Museum at the lake side in Vevey.

So great to meet you Fjolla, and congratulations on the expected extension of your lovely family! How did becoming a mother change your consumer habits, specifically when you think shopping for cosmetics and beauty care?

Since being a mother, I am even more conscious to choose the right products. And with ‘right’ I mean from brands that are transparent and behaving responsibly and products that are formulated using more natural ingredients. At the same time, I am not at all ready for any compromise when it comes to product performance. The products need to work flawlessly and give me this wonderful feeling that I have made the best choice of me, my boys, and the environment around us!

How does TOI live up to these clear expectations of yours?

Discovering TOI made my choice for a great hair beauty care treatment really easy. I am enthusiastic about the existing nourishing range and I did ban all other hair care products in our bathroom, for the entire family!

As a caring mother I want to be sure, that we all are using products that contain Nature’s best and are not full of damaging, aggressive chemicals. Therefore, I don’t mind paying a bit more for TOI products, they live up to my expectations and provide me with products without silicones, parabens and harsh sulfates.

Fjolla Dreshaj

What are your favorite TOI products?

Clearly the Hydrating Shampoo when it comes to Washing & Cleansing in the morning before going for work. It is a perfect way to kick-start my days and the sublime and light fragrance of this shampoo pairs perfectly well with my favorite perfume.

For moments in which I do have more time and the kids are in the good hands of their father or our babysitter, I also love to treat myself with the Intensive Mask. The lasting feeling of deep nourishing and care is just incredible.

If you have one wish free, what would you like the TOI team to create for you?

Well, funny enough they just made my wish come true by launching the travel version of the Lusterizing Hair Beauty Serum! Now I can always carry this small beauty booster with me in my handbag and can quickly but effectively freshen up my look everywhere and in no time. Many thanks TOI!

Many thanks to you Fjolla and we wish you all the absolute best for the remainder of your pregnancy.

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