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At TOI, beauty is multidimensional and grounded in the belief that everyone is abundant and unique.

While definitions of beauty do still today constantly change, it seems there is a common trigger behind all those definitions and therefore pressures to conform. Over centuries, since the Greek and Roman started almost 2’400 years ago setting the Western beauty standards, the power structure of society has set the tone to what’s being considered a beauty or beautiful.

From Ancient Egyptians to the Chinese Han Dynasty, from the area of Heroin Chic models in the 1990s to today, the key focus when it comes to beauty has practically always been that distinct focus on the face and body shape, proportions, skin tones and haircuts and color – from slender to fully-figured, from pale to tanned, from blonde to opal. It even led to mathematical formulas on how to best describe beauty or a beautiful person.

Fashion week Fall/Winter 2020-21
Fashion week Fall/Winter 2020-21

In contrast, Ancient Greek standards considered Beauty an excellence, like being honest or brave. Ancient Greek beliefs on Attractiveness were driven by the combination of physical Beauty coupled with ‘goodness of spirit’. In this sense probably the earliest definitions around inner- and outer beauty aspects to a person.

At TOI, ancient wisdom forms an important pillar of our vision and mission. The understanding of beauty as multidimensional and every individual itself as abundant and unique, sets for us the tone to how we craft and commercialize our most-natural products and services. We don’t tune into current beauty definitions and we want you to set yourself free from stereotypes, role models and labels.

Through the usage of honest and sustainable products, inspired by the raw Swiss nature, you are not only doing the right thing for yourself and the planet, but you will experience a transformation of your scalp and hair. Irritations will be soothed, harmful residues will be washed out and replaced by our regenerative care, bringing out the very best of the natural uniqueness and beauty in yourself. You are ready as never before to confidentially master every day’s challenge and opportunities!

The changes of today’s power structure in society – the acceptance and care of diversity and individuality, even in close-knit communities – is indeed leading the way for a renewed, modern beauty understanding, one that transforms long-term pressures primarily into positive energies, into more distinct and purposeful actions for yourself, others and the planet.

TOI, distinctly you

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